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Click Developers WebRing

If you have games or software on your website which were made with Click Products (Klik & Play, Click & Create, The Games Factory of Multimedia Fusion), then joining this web ring will give your site more traffic, and allow many more people to see your software! It also links all sites similar to yours, so you can surf the ring and keep up to date with what other Clickers are up to!
It's easy to join! Just fill in
this form.
Then, save the blue and white Click Developers Web Ring logo (below) to your computer and upload it to your web site's root directory.
When you have filled in the form, you will receive an email which gives you your own personalised HTML fragment, which you simply need to paste into the index page of your site!
email if you have any difficulties with any of this!

*Please be advised that this Ring is open to all Click Developers. ArtySoft does not endorse any of the software on the sites in the Ring. Each site takes responsibility for its own downloads and content. Also be aware that this Ring has a MATURE rating, as some sites may contain software that is violent and/or potentially offensive.*

Here is the HTML fragment you need to paste into your web page. BUT, if you grab it from here, you need to replace the word yourID with the number you have been given as your site ID! (There are two places you need to do this.) If you wait for your site submission email confirmation, your fragment will be personalised already, ready for you to copy and paste with no amendments.

When you have added the HTML fragment, please
email and let me know you are ready to be added to the Ring! Thanx!

Click Developers

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