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ArtySoft Freeware!

Lottery Number Generator
Generates random numbers for the UK Lottery Draws! (FREEware!) (436Kb)
Click here to download!

In this game, you have to sweep the fries into the bins with the mop before Jeddie eats them all up! Kids'll like it, especially the sound effects, and so will silly adults like me! (280kb)
Click here to download!

The Big Adventure
Six level multi-task game. Fun and not too challenging. Kids between 6 and 9 should like it, but some adults might too! (812kb)
Click here to download!

Merry Christmas
This one has lots of my own animations and artwork. Play a tricky little game where you help Santa unlock sacks of toys, which mischievous little elves have caged up! Avoid the falling snowballs. Three levels, very Christmassy.
If you succeed in the game, you get to view a fun animated greeting from the North Pole at the end! (345kb)
Click here to download!

Or just download the
Greeting screen only. You could send this as a standalone electronic card to friends, too! (280kb)
Click here to download!

Freddie Mercury ScreenSaver
A screensaver of a series of photographic images of Freddie Mercury and effects. (Please install to the default folder given in the installation program.) (2.1Mb)
Click here to download!

This tribute to Freddie is also available as an executable, for you to run and watch whenever you wish, (for those who don't like using screensavers.) (2.1Mb)

Kiss Freddie!
A fun game where you throw kisses at Freddie Mercury, while avoiding a few obstacles along the way! (1.42Mb)
Click here to download!

If you experience problems or bugs with our games, don't just mumble about us and uninstall! PLEASE
email or visit our Forum and tell us what problems you found!! We will do our best to fix anything!